Welcome to the Counseling Corner

a month ago

Welcome to the Benson High School Counseling Department
...where our goal is student success!

We are pleased to provide academic and counseling services to assist you with your high school career and beyond. From class schedules to scholarship information or for support in day to day matters;  in addition

as counselors we utilize Comprehensive Competency Based Guidance Lesson, which is focuses on students' academic, social/emotional and career explorations.  This  requires us to be in the classroom teaching grades 9-12 on a monthly basis. If we are not available, please leave a voicemail or send an email and we will reply to you in a timely manner.

Thank you,

Kristy Reynolds and Olivia Sturgeon
~Your Benson High School Counseling Staff~

Olivia Sturgeon
9-12 Academic Advisor/Registrar
Kristy Reynolds, BS
9-12 Counselor
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Points of Contact

Hello all,

Below are some of the common points of contact for colleges & recruiters:

AZADC Sgt Daniel Orosco (928)-348-3010

ASU - Becky Grijalva (602)-543-1859

BYU Memo Caldera memo@byu.edu

Cochise - Judy Sandstrom, MPA (520) 515-3609

EAC - Chalene Preston (928)-428-8272

GCU - Kvon Richards-Tayco (520)-508-9873

NAU - Amy Tellez (928)-523-4606

NMSU - David Cota (520)-368-7113

Pima - Ryan Sermon (520)-235-9403

Prescott College - Kenneth Welch (928)-237-3309

UofA - Amanda Quintana (520)-621-3812

Air Force SSgt Irvin Matthews (520)-631-5367

Air Force Reserve-TSgt Jarrell Hooper (520)-306-6640

Air National Guard - SSgt Eric Durazo (520)-305-6337

Army SSg Wesley Cooks (520)-221-8313

Army NG Sgt Carl Grewe (916)-216-3654

Marines Sgt James Bertsch (520)-465-3178

Navy OS1 Micheal Kinder (520)-993-5069

Please let me know if you have a specific college or recruiter in mind so that I can arrange for a meeting, virtual or phone.

Best of Luck,