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Principal's Message

July 31, 2020


Dear Bobcat Parents and Students,   

We opened school with as close to normal operations as possible on Thursday, July 23, 2020 with “At Home Learning” – where students attend classes through Google Classroom. Due to COVID-19 and Governor Ducey’s Executive Order, we cannot open school in person until at least August 17, 2020. Any changes will be communicated to you in a timely manner.


At Home Instruction:

•         Blended Learning for ALL students through Edgenuity online curriculum and Google Classroom               virtual platform.

•         Need Support? – Please contact your student’s teacher.

•         Daily Schedule – See Days and Times Below…

•         Attendance, coursework, tests and assignments are required to earn HS credits.  

•         Teacher will provide feedback, establish connections with their students and maintain student                 engagement. Therefore, it is important to check your email daily!

•         When students are not logged in with the below schedule with their teacher, they will work on                 weekly assignments on their own.

•         Currently, we are all experiencing a difficult time, but we are hopeful that we can open the doors            and work with our Bobcat students on campus soon. 



*Wednesdays will be set aside for teachers to plan, collaborate and connect with their students. Students will be required to complete and turn in coursework/assessments on Wednesdays but will not be required to log in remotely. When needed, students will connect with their teachers on Wednesdays for extra support. Character Strong “Social-Emotional Learning” program will be structured on Wednesdays. More to come.

NOTE: There are NO schedule changes for personal preferences. Schedule changes will be initiated by the Counseling Department.

Lastly, here is the link regarding the Free/Reduced Lunch Program application: Please fill out!

Expect great things and great things will happen! Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

“Go Bobcats”

Jeff Thompson, Principal

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