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Graphic Design

The Benson High School Graphic Design Program is for students wanting to pursue a college business degree or start their own business in the future. This program has produced several Arizona FBLA State Champions along with four FBLA National Conference top ten teams.

The Graphic Design Program Course Sequence is as follows:

·         Introduction to Design/Art (9th –10th Grade)

·         Graphic Design 1 (10th –11th Grade)

·         Graphic Design 2 (11th –12th Grade)


Introduction to Design/Art

Requirements:  9th –10th Grade              

Year-Long Course:           1 Credit

Course Prerequisite:      None                                                                        

Degree of Difficulty:       Average              

Introduction to Design/Art involves the practice of effective communication skills in the visual arts, problem solving and decision making, as well as safe working procedures in the visual arts room. Legal and ethical behavior will be utilized as well as basic computer concepts, operations, and application. Students will learn to draw and illustrate, create computer graphics and work with a variety of mediums. 2D artworks as well as 3D artworks will be created.


Graphic Design 1

Requirements:                  10th –11th Grade            

Year-Long Course:           1 Credit

Course Prerequisite:      Introduction to Design/Art         

Degree of Difficulty:       High      

Graphic Design 1 involves continuation of the lessons of beginning art and furthers those concepts. Employability skills participation in Skills USA and oral communication are added to the students’ lessons. Students in Graphic Communications will continue on a path of visual arts centered on Photoshop and InDesign. These students’ work will be begun as drawings and illustrations and then progress into the technical areas of CS3 and CS4.


Graphic Design 2

Requirements:                  11th –12th Grade            

Year-Long Course:           1 Credit

Course Prerequisite:      Graphic Design 1             

Degree of Difficulty:       Very High           

Graphic Design 2 will involve completion of InDesign and Photoshop assignments geared towards implementation of graphics communication work in chosen fields. Students will be expected to demonstrate job search skills, financial records for a graphic communication office and exploration of the theory and practice of graphic communications. Students will be expected to create Digital Media Products and develop an individual career path for the graphic communication organization. Culmination will be the preparation of students towards employment in the graphics communication workplace, either as a freelance artist, employee in the field, or an entrepreneur.

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