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Agriculture - Animal Systems

The Benson High School Agricultural Education Program- The Agricultural FFA program here at Benson is for students wishing to pursue a career in the Agricultural field. Our FFA chapter competes in FFA CDE events all over the state, from Livestock Judging's to Public Speaking contests. We also attend many state wide and National FFA conferences, at which we have won numerous,  and very prestigious awards. Our Agricultural program is very active and  we hope to recruit more motivated students for the 2014- 2015 school year. Learning to Do, Doing to Earn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. 

The Agriculture - Animal Systems Course Sequence is as follows:       
  • Introduction to Agriculture (9th - 10th Grade)
  • Applied Biological Systems (10th - 11th Grade)
  • Agricultural Science 1 (11th - 12th Grade)
  • Agricultural Science 2 (11th - 12th Grade)

Introduction to Agriculture
Requirements:  9th –10th Grade                 
Year-Long Course: 1 Credit 
Course Prerequisite:None 
Degree of Difficulty:Average  

The Introduction to Agriculture course is required of all students who enter the Agriculture Education Program. This is a first-year course which is designed to prepare the student for the successive agriculture education course offered for the second, third and fourth years of the program. Emphasis is placed on the basic principles of animal science, plant science, leadership development, agricultural business management and occupational planning. The student must keep a notebook, accurate record books, participate in planning their own Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), complete an Agricultural Proficiency Award, participate in Career Development Events (CDE) and lastly, participate in the Benson FFA Chapter as a whole. 
Applied Biological Systems
Requirements:  10th –11th Grade 
Year-Long Course:1 Credit 
Course Prerequisite:Intro to Ag. (C or Better) 
Degree of Difficulty:Average 

A student must have completed Introduction to Agriculture successfully in order to enroll in Applied Biological Systems. Emphasis is placed on basic competencies needed in the areas of plant sciences, animal sciences, leadership development, agricultural business management and agricultural mechanics. Students will be required to keep  a notebook, accurate record books, participate in their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)  which they would have prepared the following year, complete an Agricultural Proficiency Award, participate in Career Development Events (CDE)  and lastly, participate in the  Benson FFA Chapter as a whole. 

Agriculture Science 1
Requirements:  11th –12th Grade 
Year-Long Course: 1 Credit 
Course Prerequisite:Applied Biological Systems (C or Better) 
Degree of Difficulty: Average 

This course will begin where Applied Biological Systems culminated. Emphasis in this course will be placed on plant sciences, animal sciences, agricultural business management, horticultural science and leadership development. Students will keep a notebook, record book, and participate in a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) and FFA.
Agriculture Science 2 (Cochise College Dual Credit Option – AGR 102) 
Requirements:11th –12th Grade 
Year-Long Course:1 Credit 
Course Prerequisite:

Intro to Agriculture, Applied Bio Systems, and Ag. Science 1 (C or Better) 
Degree of Difficulty:  Average 

This course will emphasize the same general areas as Agriculture Science I. Units of instruction will be alternated each year for this course. Students will keep a notebook and participate in a supervised agricultural experience program (SAE). This is a continuation of the prerequisite classes already taken.

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