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Principal's Message

August 5, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2021 – 2022 school year. I hope that students and parents alike are aware of what Benson High School’s expectations are for successful daily operation, and hopefully, we will have a healthy school year together. Each student body class met with Ms. Kurtz and I regarding the dress code, academics, student behavior, lunch procedures, and other important student points of emphasis.

In particular, I would like to share these three points: Lunch, Inclement Weather, and Dress Code. 

The lunch period is designed to provide a balanced diet and proper nutrition, opportunities for socialization, and relaxation. BHS students can bring their own lunch or get one FREE of charge from our cafeteria. It is required for all Freshmen and Sophomores to eat and remain in the cafeteria for the entire lunch period. The Bobcat Center and Cats Court are places for all other students to eat their lunch. Each student is responsible for cleaning his or her table and the area at which she/he eats. During lunch hours, students must stay on school property within full view of the BHS staff. No food deliveries will be allowed, as Benson High School is a "Closed Campus" during lunch. 

In case of inclement weather, BHS teachers will open their classrooms for upperclassmen to safely eat their lunch. 

There is appropriate and inappropriate attire for all of life’s activities. Benson High School has adopted a dress code for all students, and all students are expected to comply with the dress code. The purposes of Benson’s dress code are as follows: to promote good behavior, support the learning environment, avoid discipline problems, enhance school safety, and prepare students for the world of work. Parents and students are equally responsible for the appearance of the student. 

Each school year, all students have a clean slate and it is up to them how they choose to progress throughout the year. It is important, that you take a few moments and discuss the goals for this year with your child. Each year as I talk to students, it is surprising to me how many do not have goals they want to achieve either in the short or long term. It is difficult to achieve when you aren’t working towards a goal. Take some time and establish realistic goals for your child. Write them down and post them where they can be seen daily. This strategy has worked for many successful people for many years. This year our district goal is to engage our schools, families, and community to have the right ATTITUDE, ACT, make difference, and work hard to ATTAIN our goals. Together we can because we are Benson! 

Success in school, at any level, depends on several things. One of the most important of these is the communication and collaboration that takes place between student’s parents and their child’s teacher. With this in mind, I would like to make you aware of…the first Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday, September 22nd from 3:00 to 6:30 pm in the HS gymnasium. Appointment only on Thursday and Friday with the teacher. Another great tool to help you keep on top of your child’s progress is to check their grades in PowerSchool, emailing, or calling their teacher. 

It is the desire of the high school administrative team, counselors, faculty, staff, and I, that this year be an excellent one for you. If you need to meet with a guidance counselor or assistant principal, please do not hesitate to contact us. We suggest that parents call the school first to schedule appointments before coming in so that you will not experience delays. 

I’m looking forward to another great year. Together we can make a difference for kids! We are Benson and “Let the Good Times Roll!

“Go Bobcats” 

Jeff Thompson

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