6 years ago

The first step to preparing a scholarship packet is to start EARLY!!!!!!

Not every scholarship will require all of the items below, but you should have them ready to use whenever needed. [SCHOLARSHIP CHECKLIST]

1. COVER LETTER- The purpose of a cover letter is to tell the scholarship committee about you.  Do not just list all your activities and awards (that is what a resume is for).  Tell them something about you, your family, how many siblings attending college, your parent's occupations, etc.  Also tell them why you are the best candidate for the scholarship or what your future plans are. [COVER LETTER HINTS]

2. RESUME- Your resume is a snapshot of "you”.  It will include your educational/career objectives, honors and awards, activities, community service, special skills and work experience. [RESUME HINTS] 

3. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION- You need to have at least three letters of recommendation ready to use as needed.  Ask teachers, a family friend, a pastor, an employer, a coach, etc.  PLEASE DO THIS WELL IN ADVANCE.  People like to be conscientious and writing a good letter takes time.  Keep several copies in a file and use them as needed.  Or ask if the letter could be put on a disk and printed/signed as needed. [LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FORM]

4. TRANSCRIPT- The Counseling Office will provide you with an unofficial transcript to be attached to your packet.  PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST A WEEK TO HAVE TRANSCRIPTS PRINTED FOR YOU.