Business Department

2 years ago

Business and Technology are everywhere! At Benson High School, students get a solid foundation in business while building skills in computers and the latest technology. 

Students can choose to take courses in the following business programs: 

• Accounting 
• Intro to Business and Management

Business and computer classes in Accounting and Intro to Business and Management are taught by Megan Moreno.   Business and Technology 1 is taught by James Howe.
Business and Technology 1
Requirements:9th Grade
Year-Long Course:1 Credit
Course Prerequisite:
Type 25 wpm
Degree of Difficulty:


2 years ago

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Benson High School has had a very successful Accounting program over the past several years. Here are some of our accomplishments:

·         This past year, a Benson High School Accounting student achieved a 1st Place Award in 

          Accounting 2 at the 2011 FBLA State Conference.

·         In 2010 our Entrepreneurship Team placed 5th at the 2010 FBLA National Conference in 

          Nashville TN.

·         For the past five years, a BHS Accounting student has received the Arizona Society of     


           Public Accountants High School Scholarship. Many have renewed/ expanded their 

          scholarship as they continued their accounting education

The Accounting Course Sequence is as follows:

·         Business & Technology 1 (9th grade)

·         Business & Technology 2 (10th grade)

·         Accounting 1 (11th-12th Grade)

·         Accounting 2 (12th Grade)


Accounting 1 (Cochise College Dual Credit Option - BUS 146)

Requirements:  11th –12th Grade                 

Year-Long Course:           .5 - 1 Credit BHS - 3 Credits Cochise College                 

Course Prerequisite:      Business & Technology 1 and Algebra II

Degree of Difficulty:       High      


Students considering a business degree in college should enroll in this class. This course covers the complete accounting cycle for a sole proprietorship and corporation. Topics include: analyzing and recording business transactions, completing financial statements, cash control and banking activities, payroll accounting, liabilities, profit/loss and taxes. Business simulations provide real world opportunities for students to keep accounting records for each type of business through an entire accounting cycle.Membership in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is highly encouraged.


Accounting 2 (Cochise College Reverse Credit Course - BUS 201)

Requirements:  12th Grade        

Year-Long Course:           1 Credit BHS - 3 Credits Cochise College

Course Prerequisite:      Accounting 1     

Degree of Difficulty:       Very High           


This Cochise College course is online in the computer lab at BHS with support given by the BHS accounting teacher. An introductory course in gathering, recording and using the financial data of a business: the accounting cycle, debits and credits, classification of accounts, recording of transactions and preparation of financial statements for single proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Students will also complete a final simulation. Students taking this course must be enrolled for reverse-credit course with Cochise College. Membership in Future Business Leaders of America is highly encouraged. Students may choose to complete this online college course by the end of the first semester or may continue to learn advanced accounting taught by the BHS accounting teacher in the spring semester.